Participants sought for document service program

Small to medium-sized companies are sought to participate in a pilot program testing a new Internet-based document management service.

DocSavy will provide onsite setup, training, services and support to participating companies at no charge in exchange for feedback on the services and training materials.

Business owners and managers interested in the pilot program should contact Katie Bock at

Ricky Houtris, principal of the 2H Mechanical mechanical contractor in Grand Junction, created DocSavy to help businesses better manage information he said they usually store in filing cabinets, often forget and seldom use to its full potential.

DocSavy provides document management, project accounting, purchasing and asset and relationship management. Because the information is stored on the Internet, there’s no need to host a database or back up data.

DocSavy makes it easy to create groups of documents that clearly display relevant business data, in turn helping users track and analyze data to make decisions, Houtris said. DocSavy can be customized to use existing document types and processes.

The service has been used at 2H Mechanical since November and tested at Mountain Air Mechanical in Grand Junction since January.

Houtris said DocSavy is now ready to be tested on a wider scale in preparation for bringing the service to market.