Pinnacol expands services with worksite wellness programs

A workers’ compensation insurance provider in Colorado has expanded its services to offer worksite wellness programs to policyholders, including almost 2,000 employers in Mesa County.

The free program from Pinnacol Assurance includes access to community health resources as well as new arrangements with health insurance and health care providers.

“Our focus on health and wellness is a natural extension of our core mission,” said Karyn Gonzales, vice president of medical operations and health care strategy for Pinnacol Assurance. “The ultimate goal is to help Colorado employees stay healthy, reduce the frequency and severity of their injuries, better manage their care when they are injured and get them back to work as quickly and safely as possible.”

Wellness resources include free access to community organizations that offer assistance, including the Colorado QuitLine smoking cessation program and Carson J. Spencer Foundation suicide prevention program. The Colorado School of Public Health Links Program offers assistance to employers achieve wellness and safety benchmarks.

While the worksite wellness program is intended to reduce the potential for workplace injuries, resources also are available to injured employees, including increased coordination of care and rehabilitation between health care settings.

Pinnacol Assurance providers workers’ compensation insurance to 56,000 employers  across Colorado. For more information, visit the Web site at