Plastic surgery practice hosts cleft clinic

ReGenesis Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Center in Grand Junction hosts a clinic offering a range of services to patients born with cleft lips or palates and other craniofacial birth defects.

“Our cleft clinic allows for patients to come to one office and see multiple doctors. We feel like it’s a great opportunity to have the collaboration of doctors and specialists all in the same place,” said Jessica Harrison, a nurse who coordinates the clinic. “It makes appointments easier for the family to be informed and educated about what is next for their child.”

ReGenesis hosts the clinic every three months. In addition to its own plastic surgeons, the clinic also offers the services of a otolaryngologist, orthodontist, pediatric dentist and speech therapist.

About one in every 600 babies born in the United States has a cleft lip or cleft palate. The condition is created when the tissue that makes up the upper lip or roof of the mouth doesn’t completely join during pregnancy. Although clefts usually are surgically repaired within the first year of life, many children require additional surgeries or treatments as they get older to address problems with breathing, hearing, speech or language development. Special dental or orthodontic care also could be needed.

Plastics surgeons Duane Hartshorn, Jeffrey Pitcher and Matthew Swelstad operate the ReGenesis Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Center at 2643 Patterson  Road, Suite 506.

For more information about the cleft clinic or other services offered at ReGenesis Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Center or to schedule an appointment, call 242-8177 or visit