Please sir, may I have some more? … No soup for you!

Craig Hall, Publisher

Better get used to hearing one form or another of those two phrases when it comes to your health insurance plan. The preliminary reports on the Obamacare rollout show a severe lack of affordability, coverage and common sense. That is, unless you believe the constant spin coming out of the White House.

While many folks are panicking, I tend to take a differing approach to the debacle that is Obamacare. I say this mainly because what has come to fruition are all the predictions of the “right wing” crazies and outcasts. As with everything government promises, it’s more expensive than originally budgeted while helping fewer than predicted, all while making the original problem (oddly enough, created by the same government) worse. Is it any wonder why the government hired the same programming people to fix what they originally programmed that doesn’t work? Not to me. It’s what government does.

It’s good news folks are finally finding out just how expensive insurance is and how much employers pay for health care coverage. Obamacare has actually stripped away one of the government’s best hidden practices: Hiding real costs to the people by making businesses write the checks directly to it for insurance, entitlements and taxes. This is a very good thing.

People believe their insurance policies only “cost” the amount subtracted out of their paychecks, in many cases 15 percent to 20 percent of the actual costs. But now upwards of 100 million of us are going to understand the true costs of health insurance. Instead of having employers deduct a couple of hundred bucks between two paychecks, employees are discovering it will take a thousand or more dollars a month to become insured with policies that offer less coverage and higher deductibles.

It’s my sincere hope the cry of the masses to go back to the old ways is heard and heeded immediately. Then let’s do the same for our income taxes and Social Security/Medicare payments. All it would take is a couple of months of having income-earning taxpayers at every level of the income spectrum actually have to write their own checks to the government to get taxes and spending back in line on the federal level. This would also eliminate the “myth” of the “income tax refund.” Overpaying someone by thousands of dollars doesn’t entitle you to a refund, it’s a scam.          

The question is whether the citizens of this country will take advantage of President Barack Obama’s exposing of himself as a novice when it comes to freedom, the free market system and the laws of economics. Think of the opportunity to educate everyone as to just how clueless the folks in charge in Washington are when it comes to basic math and common sense. Many of us have known this for years, but now we start a new revolution by once again declaring it to the world just as we did on July 4, 1776. So while the uproar on the right should be shouted from the mountaintops to be heard by all, let’s also slow down and do some common sense, plain-English tutoring to the masses as well.

To demonstrate my point, let’s talk death panels.

I know I’ve lost the true believers by using a statement linked to Sarah Palin that has been misconstrued by many on the left, and that’s fine by me. Some folks simply won’t be swayed even if they saw the object of their affection committing heinous crimes live and in person. But for the rest of us with eyes, let them read.

Government-based health care by its nature has to be a “rationed” system. There are simply dollars in and dollars out — and that is exactly why the government wants to take this over, for the money. Not to spend on health care mind you, just on stuff, because spending is what government does best. Trust me, all our federal government sees is a $3 trillion or $4 trillion a year slush fund when it comes to getting every penny of every health insurance premium to run through its wasteland of efficiency, corruption and cronyism.

This is because the government isn’t required to operate as it makes insurance companies operate in the market. An insurance company has to keep assets and operating capital available should it have to cover 30,000 heart bypasses instead of the 27,500 projected for the coming year. What will the government do? Simple. 2,500 people will be dead. The government doesn’t have the assets or extra funding available (unless it prints it) to assure these needed procedures are done. It’s only other solution would be to pay less for the procedures (as it does already with Medicare/Medicaid) and force more folks out of the business of providing those needed services. It’s time to realize  this is not how insurance companies do business. They are required by law to cover the procedures.

With Obamacare, we’re left with a couple of options: Hope to live until the next fiscal year or change politically to the party in power and beg for favors.

Believe me, someone will be deciding coverage for you. That would be a death panel.