Politics of personal destruction come once again to River City

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

It starts with P, but doesn’t rhyme. And there’s no reason for it except the twisted thinking of a select group of seeming know-it-alls I picture sitting around a dining room table, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and picking out their next victim.

I’ll do the disclaimer once again, sure to be missed by first-time readers and partisans who happen to agree with the folks I’m talking about in what they’ll write me. And I’m sure I write this at my own peril. But at some point, someone needs to say something, since John Pennington is obviously bound and gagged in the basement of the same house where these folks meet.

So here goes. Let me say for the record that at this point, other than the time sheet conflict caught by the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office that I’ve read the report on, I have no idea just what the hell is going on in Steve King’s life, personally or professionally. It’s not that I like what is or isn’t happening, it’s just that I don’t know Steve that well even though we’ve had a socially friendly relationship over the years. Additionally, I have stated that I believe the MCSO acted appropriately in relieving King of his duties after reading the context of all of what occurred. And the rest of what happens to King is up to the investigation, what it uncovers and, after that, what the voters think about what’s reported. Perhaps it will be enough for King to withdraw from the sheriff’s race.

You see, no matter what happens here, Steve King made his own bed in his time with the sheriff’s office. And I, for one, am a little surprised at what has been discovered thus far. I’m not talking about the original timecard stuff. Because with 20 some years of retail management, I can tell you one thing: people are crappy time keepers. What occurred after the timecard’s adjustment I do find disappointing. But haven’t we all been disappointed by people we know who have made their own beds, probably more often than we’d like? If we’re honest, we could all add the fact we’ve all been bed-making disappointers to our friends, associates and others in the same manner. Heck, I’ve made more beds in my life than a housekeeper who worked Caesar’s Palace her whole career. But while that gave me struggles in my life, it didn’t make me the devil incarnate. Nor did my voting for King in the primary.

Obviously, that’s not the case for Pennington’s minions. Based on what I’ve read in their personal posts, they despise King and will not stop until he’s ruined. And there’s something sick and wrong in that way of thinking. They badgered the district attorney (who gave a weak response about “not having the budget”) for something that was an internal affair of the sheriff’s office, which, in my opinion, would have asked for an investigation, given the Brady letter it placed in King’s file. These select “conservatives” have attempted to suck in Republicans from here and across the state into their private destruction campaign by projecting King’s problems and actions on to people who have absolutely nothing to do with them.  These “patriots” have accused anyone who voted for King in the primary of being the same kind of “established” folks who backed Thad Cochran in Mississippi. That’s priceless when considering that’s coming from people who begged Democrats to cross over in the primary to vote for their man.

To so overtly enjoy King’s downfall shows me two things. First, Pennington wasn’t a candidate the people believed in based on his margin of defeat. He also should not be the replacement candidate should King step aside for the simple fact he must enjoy these kind of politics as he hasn’t said a word to put a stop to the ongoing antics of the frights of the round table. King’s downfall is his and their pyrrhic victory. Second, the last thing we need in a Sheriff Ruler (Pennington’s words, not mine) is someone who allows access to the office the kinds of folks who get their kicks out of destroying people and take personal pleasure in personal destruction. Just imagine the damage these folks could do to your name and reputation should you fail their litmus test of a true “patriot” or “conservative.”

These people don’t have a mission to put the best people in office. They seem to have a personal agenda of outing what they consider to be RINOs or corrupt Republicans they deem worthy of ruination. They seem to be the type of folks who would rather destroy publicly anyone who gets in their way, particularly should things not go their way. Does this mean that we shouldn’t work to rid politics of corruption? We know we absolutely should, however absurd given politicians.

This is not a defense of Steve King in any way. If King has done some of the things I have read since this story broke, then he did himself in. But for all the “we were right” screaming the Penningtonites might do, they’ve done little to help Mesa County or their “party.” In fact, they’ve done the opposite. Perhaps we should have a look into the candidates these folks supported and got elected. We just might be the next ones “outed” to those they’ve put into power.