President’s taxing situation just more of the same politics

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

This past week there were rallies across the country demanding that President Donald Trump reveal his tax returns. Not that it matters to me, but I guess Trump said he would once he was assured his audit was finalized to placate the unhinged who’re demanding he release the returns to bolster their hopes of impeachment or something.

Not that it should matter, mind you, but this political smokescreen that dates back to Gerald Ford is just another way to take the minds of the people off  what our government is doing or a way to play gotcha with Republicans. First, let’s get past the point that most on the left find Ford to be a dolt, klutz and basic moron. That, and he pardoned Nixon. So he had to be brought down. Perhaps that’s why he agreed to it. Again, it doesn’t matter, because pretty much all politicians’ tax returns are now designed to pass this idiotic “litmus test” that’s used and abused time and again. Then again, people on the left fell for Harry Reid’s “my buddy told me Mitt Romney hasn’t filed taxes in 10 years” ploy, so why would they be any different with President Trump?

So where does this go from here? Nowhere, and here’s why. And this is coming from someone who’s no big fan of our current narcissist in chief.

First and foremost, if there’s anything on Trump that could have been used against him in running for president, it would have come out by now. Let’s face facts, the Democrats’ allies in the media did everything in their power to destroy the man, his family and campaign for more than a year to no avail. What the left refuses to understand is that many on their side WANTED Trump to win the Republican primary because they thought he’d be the easiest to beat in the general election against Hillary Clinton. They also ignored the fact their own primary was rigged against Bernie Sanders. Once Trump was nominated, their next goal was to knock him down. The best they came up with was a 12-year-old recording that did nothing.

The left ignores the fact the one tax return that was leaked shows Trump paid nearly $35 million in taxes in 2005. He filed and paid at a higher rate than President Barack Obama, Hillary and Bernie. So much for Rachel Maddow’s ratings bonanza and the intellectual curiosity of the left.

The left keeps harping Trump’s tax returns will somehow show he’s tied to or money laundering for Russia. This is tin foil hat crazy. Any money launderer worth his salt would never put those kinds of things in his tax returns. Yes, they got Al Capone on tax evasion, but it wasn’t through an audit. But the left has to try something since the wiretapping and surveillance isn’t working outside of Trump using the wrong word to describe it.

Which brings us to the tax code and the IRS in general. It’s honestly time the left understands the term “loophole” is political when they use it to indicate some opponent doing something unlawful. The fact is, loopholes are legal and anyone who files taxes uses them to pay as little — or in the case of the Earned Income Tax Credit, get as much back — as possible. What do you think your home mortgage interest deduction is? It’s a loophole politicians give homeowners to pay less in taxes they shouldn’t be paying anyway. And when it comes to taking that away from the masses of taxpayers, they rise up and demand to keep this fallacy that has them paying more, not paying less, when it shouldn’t be there at all.

As for Trump’s alleged “cheating” on his taxes, I sincerely doubt there’s anything to that. Isn’t that what the IRS is for, I mean, outside of it being a political attack dog for those on the left? If the Obama administration (oh yes, and the Clintons) used the IRS to attack and destroy opposition “Tea Party” groups, don’t you think it was in full force once Trump won the nomination if not before? Maybe that’s why Trump’s being audited today. And let’s be honest, who isn’t afraid of an IRS audit? Everyone I know is, and many I know have been through them. Given the size of Trump’s empire, I’m pretty sure his accountants are as well. Just more reason to follow the rules.

This brings us to the final liberal attack: Given the size of Trump’s business holdings, he must have a conflict of interest in being president. All of this information is contained in corporate reports that are obliged to show debt, holdings, assets and all other financial information as required by law. If Trumps has any responsibility, it is to uphold his companies’ end to all the contracts in place, whether those contracts are with individuals, other corporations or governments.

The Constitution of the United States lists three requirements to be president: one must be 35 years of age, a resident “within the United States” for 14 years and a “natural born citizen.” The Constitution says nothing about taxes (although the founders were kind of against them) or what one does for a living. None of the rest matters.

Although I’m beginning to think we should ban lawyers.