Program offers grants to use downtown buildings for restaurants

A pilot program offers grants to businesses that convert existing buildings in downtown Grand Junction into restaurants.

The Grand Junction City Council voted to authorize the change in use incentive program. The program will cover 25 percent of the sewer service plant investment fee up to $10,000 per business. The sewer service plant investment fee constitutes a significant cost in converting an office or retail space into a restaurant.

The incentive program is part of a city economic development plan to support existing businesses and encourage expansions. One goal of the plan is to support the continued development of the downtown area, including the preservation and use of historic buildings.

The program also reflects a trend in downtowns in the shift from what was predominantly retail environments into entertainment districts with a mix of restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues.

For additional information about the grant program, contact Kathy Portner at 244-1420 or