Reader takes issue with Sloan’s moans

To the editor:

Sloan’s moans about  the haggle over Hagel would lead us to believe that only a warmonger should be appointed to be secretary of defense.

It appears to me that we would be better off with Hagel. He would promote deterrence and yet be willing to go to war in the event the situation in the Middle East worsened.  Hagel has proven he will go to war — unlike many warmongers who are so willing to spill other people’s blood.

I disagree with another comment in the article. Perhaps we should not acquiesce to the notion of national or cultural relativism. But we should be able to agree that other countries’ populaces have the right to be who they are or wish to be as long as they seek no change.

Finally, I’d like to differ with Sloan on his conclusion that the secretary of defense job is solely to defend an exceptional U.S. The secretary of defense’s other  responsibility should include keeping us out of war. You have to wonder whether Sloan and his cohorts will ever consider the calamity and cataclysm of World War III. Whether Sloan considers it or not, most well-meaning persons understand that little blood will be left unspilled.

 Jose Lucero

Grand Junction