Real estate firm joins in national rebranding effort

Daniel Spiegel
David Marine

Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties in Grand Junction has joined in a national rebranding effort.

A new logo retains the Colorado Banker Commercial Prime Properties blue, but also features a different font with an updated CB initialing.

“Our refreshed look is an investment for our clients. We are instilling a sense of trust and loyalty among those we service and throughout the commercial real estate community,” said Daniel Spiegel, managing director of Coldwell Banker Commercial. “We believe that our new branding will positively impact our business and our network of more than 3,000 commercial real estate professionals across more than 5,000 markets in North America and around the globe for many decades to come.”

David Marine, chief marketing officer of Coldwell Banker, said the updated logo celebrates the legacy of the company. “This launch unites the look and feel of a network, securing the Coldwell Banker Commercial brand’s iconic image with commercial real estate clients around the world.” 

Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties serves the commercial real estate industry in Grand Junction and Western Colorado as well as markets in Idaho, Missouri and Montana.
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