Report: More recycling means more jobs

Increased recycling not only would reduce the waste going into landfills and incinerators, but also bolster payrolls, according to a report released by labor and environmental groups.

In fact, recycling 75 percent of waste in the United States would create 1.5 million jobs by 2030, according to the report, titled “More Jobs, Less Pollution.”

The report was prepared by the Tellus Institute for a coalition of labor and environmental groups, including the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Service Employees International, BlueGreen Alliance, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, Natural Resources Defense Council and Recycling Works.

According to the report, about 33 percent of municipal solid waste currently is recycled, re-used or composted, while 30 percent of construction and demolition debris is recycled. Implementing a national strategy of recycling and composting

75 percent of waste would save resources and reduce pollution while increasing employment in the recycling industry and related businesses.

“This report’s findings are further proof that we can spur the economy and create good-paying jobs with investments in increased recycling and composting,” said Roger Singer, a representative of the Sierra Club based in Colorado.