Republicans more likely to let the poor suffer to help the rich

To the editor:

Sloan’s moans continue to beset me. Now he wants to bestow a corollary statement on Democrats that says “If a crisis does not cooperate and presents itself, invent one.” I believe it fits Republicans better. Are they not the ones wishing that Ayn Rand’s prognostications would become reality? Are they not the ones who proclaim that doomsday is upon us? Or perhaps more currently are they not the ones who want to let the lower 47 percent suffer and endure the rages of hunger just so the rich do not experience an economic headache? After the wished for tribulation, the rich’s coup de grace will be that they re-enter to provide jobs to the survivors. Isn’t this the same as what Russian communists did to indoctrinate and propagandize school children by having them ask God for candy from the sky and when the children asked the government for candy, candy would fall through ceiling openings?

Sloan says he doesn’t like the word sequester, but he likes one that states “weaponize the cuts.” which he says is a long-established liberal tactic. He explains the approach saying that if forced with cutting governance funding, just make the cuts as painful as possible and torture the rubes into accepting higher taxes. Is Sloan calling his Republicans rubes? Is he trying to get sympathy for those unsophisticated and awkwardly coarse persons?  

I believe that Democrats are more in line with de-weaponizing the cuts. Cut defense spending. We have been providing soldiers for Europe for over 60 years. Enough! Those military expenditures have been immense and many would agree with me that the military in Germany is there in order to assist Germany in keeping the consumption of beer high. The military is in France so that the French workers will be able to maintain their three-hour workdays. Cut defense spending. Utilize those soldiers in Europe in other likely war zones.

Sloan says that Democrats will use the sequester as an opportunity to prove we are helpless without federal nurse maidens. I say Republicans will continue with rather applicable slogans. One is “Anxious to shoot and slow to withdraw.” Another is “Ready to take on wars while leading from behind.” Just as bad and with great consequences is the one that states “Let the poor suffer in order to improve the economy for the rich.”

Jose Lucero, Grand Junction