Resort plans pit stop for global automotive race

A Mesa County resort that includes a museum housing a $10 million collection of rare and historic cars will host a stop on a worldwide automobile race.

Gateway Canyons Resort is scheduled to host a stop on the World Race 2011 New York to Paris on April 23. The stop will include a celebratory dinner event for drivers in the race as well as resort guests. Three featured speakers also will participate.

A package that includes tickets to the dinner, admission to the Gateway Auto Museum and overnight accommodations start at $110 per person for double occupancy. Tickets to the dinner alone sell for $32. For tickets or more information, call (866) 671-4733.

Located about an hour southwest of Grand Junction, Gateway Canyons Resort includes a museum housing the automobile collection of John Hendricks, founder of the Discovery Channel.

The World Race 2011 will commemorate the Great Auto Race of 1908 from New York to Paris. The 2011 race is set to start April 14 in Times Square and conclude July 11 at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. From Gateway Canyon Resort, the race will proceed west to San Francisco, them embark by sea for a second leg through Asia, Russia and Europe. The race will cover 23,000 miles through 12 counties and feature a wide assortment of automobiles, some burning alternative fuels.

“Much like the 1908 race proved the automobile could travel around the world, the 2011 race will prove new technology will improve the human race,” said Jerry Price, executive director of the race and owner of Price Team Racing. Price plans to participate in the race with a Corvette modified to run on not only gasoline, but also alcohol, butane, ethanol, methane and propane.