Robotics team fares well in events

A team of students and their adult mentors fared well in two regional competitions testing its ability to construct a robot to stack recycling bins.

At an event in Phoenix, the Hi Fives robotic team won a creative engineering award sponsored by Xerox.

The team is comprised of a total of 30 teen-age students from eight local schools and 18 adult mentors. The team works out of the Business Incubator Center in Grand Junction.

In this year’s competition, titled “Recycle Rush,” teams had to design and build robots to stack recycling bins around a designated area in a two-minute period. All teams start with the same parts kits, including electronics and controls. Rules regulate the size and weight of the completed robots.

The Hi Fives competed in March in a regional event at Denver University that featured a total of 52 teams from 11 states.

The Hi Fives competed again in April at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix against 34 participants in 90 matches.

The Hi Fives joined with teams from Riverside, Calif., and Scottsdale, Ariz., to form a three-team alliance. The alliance advanced to the semifinals of the competition and at one point was in second place. Although they didn’t win, the Hi Fives received the Creative Engineering Award.

The Hi Fives robot is available for presentations, and the team is looking for more members, mentors and sponsors. For more information, call 210-3365 or log on to