Secretary of state warns against third party notices

Jena Griswold

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office warms small business owners about potentially misleading notices requesting an extra fee for a third party to file business documents.

Secretary of State Jena Griswold said her offices offers an online filing system and the use of a third party to complete filings isn’t required.

“Once again we are seeing people trying to profit off of misleading and unnecessary solicitations to business owners. Our office takes pride in having an easy-to-use and affordable business filing system, which is why we are alerting business owners about these third-party solicitations,” Griswold said.

The latest versions of these solicitations offer to obtain a “certificate of good standing” or “certificate of existence” from the Secretary of State’s office for a fee. Any business can download a certificate of good standing for free from the Secretary of State website. The office doesn’t offer anything called a certificate of existence.

Another solicitation offers to file a “statement curing delinquency” with the office to bring a business back into good standing. In addition to the required state filing fee, the form requires payment of a processing fee.

Business owners can visit the website at to verify their business status, file forms or obtain a free certification. The Secretary of State posts alerts and notices about misleading filings at