Small business group endorses Grand Junction legislative candidate

Ray Scott

A state representative from Grand Junction seeking election to a second term is among 49 legislative candidates who’ve received endorsements from the National Federation of Independent Business.

Ray Scott, a Republican running in House District 55, is among 21 incumbents in 38 House races to receive endorsements from the NFIB, a small business advocacy group with about 6,000 members in Colorado.

Scott faces Democrat Dan Robinson, a Grand Junction lawyer, in the contest.

“Every candidate for the Legislature claims to be a friend of small business as mechanically as they support clean air and pure water. But our endorsements separate the faithful from the fabricators, especially with incumbents,” said Tony Gagliardi, state director of the NFIB in Colorado.

NFIB endorsements for and against incumbents were based on their voting records on small business issues during the latest legislative session.

A score of at least 70 percent was required to receive an endorsement from the NFIB and the Colorado Save America’s Free Enterprise Trust, a political action committee.

Scott, a Grand Junction man who has operated several businesses, served one term in House District 54 before redistricting changed boundaries.

The NFIB didn’t issue an endorsement in the House District 54 race, which pits Libertarian Tim Menger against Republican Jared Wright.