Social media: Use technology as your business’s word of mouth

We all have them. Favorite places to dine, shop or frequent for entertainment. How did you find those places? Chances are you heard about them from a friend or family member. These people you know and trust took some extra time and effort to inform you about excellent service, an incredible dish, an incredible value or maybe, just how the atmosphere made them feel relaxed and welcome. Regardless how you discovered your favorite places, in some way, it was essentially through word-of-mouth advertising.

There is nothing more powerful than tapping into a network of people and businesses that can share what you have to offer. And now, in our tech savvy age, through text message marketing and a social media and online web presence combined with a strategic, well thought out plan of communication, your word-of-mouth advertising just became digital marketing.

By creating a business presence on a social media platform, such as Facebook, that promotes your most valuable product or service, you will create enthusiasm for others to engage themselves with your business. By establishing a custom landing page on Facebook that utilizes graphics, text and html code to include an opt-in form field for your text message database along with a link to your website, you’ve just created in all practicality a new-age, word of mouth, multi-channel digital marketing strategy.

By using Facebook, text marketing and your website, you’ve taken control of your word-of-mouth advertising. Facebook draws in people who have not been to your establishment see what your service is like, what people are saying about your product, and how to find you. From your custom Facebook page, the user can then be directed to join your text message program to get great deals, be informed about events, new products, dinner specials or just a personal greeting from you. From the text message your client can click on a URL that delivers them to your website front page or a page dedicated to events, special or even a menu.

Multi-channel digital marketing is an affordable way to stay connected. Start building your digital database today and take advantage of text marketing and social media to drive new business and retain your current customer base.

Given the importance of people’s cell phone usage in their daily lives, it’s every bit as powerful as telling them yourself!