Solar installers earn certification

Mac Lewis
Paul Shelton

Mac Lewis and Paul Shelton, engineer and lead installer at Atlasta Solar Center in Grand Junction, have earned certification as photovoltaic system installers.

Lewis and Shelton earned certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Lewis and Shelton had to pass an exam demonstrating competence as installers and knowledge of such subjects as construction and roofing techniques, electrical codes, safety, system design and troubleshooting. In addition, certified installers must have experience as a senior person on an installation crew and a minimum number of hours of advanced training.

“Receiving NABCEP’s certified installer status is personally very satisfying,” Shelton said. “More important, it means we can offer our customers the added confidence of knowing their installation will be performed to the highest standards in the solar industry.”

Ezra Auerbach, executive director of NABCEP, said certification ensures knowledge and experience. “One thing you can be assured of with NABCEP certified installers is that your job won’t be their first. Anyone who makes the considerable effort required to earn NABCEP installer certification has been required to document their experience and education as part of the eligibility process.”

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