Solar power and energy efficiency firms combine operations

Atlasta Solar and Energywise Companies have joined operations in Grand Junction to offer in one location a range of services related to solar power systems and energy conservation.

The two businesses are located at 1111 S. Seventh St.

Atlasta Solar offers photovoltaic and thermal solar systems for residential and commercial installations as well as smaller systems for recreational vehicles and boats. The firm was founded in 1979 and over the past decade has installed more than 2,000 solar systems in the Grand Valley.

Energywise Companies offers evaluation, consulting and installation services that improve the energy efficiency of homes and businesses. Those services include insulation and sealing as well as the installation of more energy efficient appliances, fixtures and heating and cooling systems.

For more information, contact Atlasta Solar at 248-0057 or or Energywise Companies at 242-9473 or