Soup owners honored for community efforts

Joya Piland
Joya Piland

Joya and Terry Piland, owners of Zoup in Grand Junction, are among the latest winners of annual awards presented during an annual conference for restaurant franchise owners and their team members.

The Pilands won the Community Connection Award in recognition of their efforts to give back to the community. They were honored at the Zoup Franchise Reunion in Detroit.

“Zoup continues to grow stronger after two decades in business. And that success is entirely due to the exceptional owners and managers who continually enforce our unwavering commitment to outstanding customer service,” said Eric Ersher, founder and chief executive officer of Zoup. “The reunion gives us a chance to give these partners the recognition they deserve for paying such a critical role in our continued growth and success.”

A fast casual restaurant chain that serves soups, sandwiches and salads, a total of 96 Zoup locations operate in the United States and Canada. In Grand Junction, Zoup is located at 644 North Ave. The Pilands opened their Zoup franchise in 2012. For more information, log on to