St. Mary’s deploys new imaging system

St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction has deployed a new imaging system that makes less invasive spinal surgery possible for more patients.

The O-arm Imaging System create three-dimensional images as it rotates around a patient during a procedure. “With O-arm technology, more patients undergoing spinal procedures may experience less invasive surgeries, faster recovery times and improved outcomes,” said Dr. John Lopez, a neurosurgeon.

Because minimally invasive surgery is performed through tiny incisions rather than the large incision of traditional, open surgery, high-quality images of the surgical site are required, Lopez said. With other imaging systems, the location of the injury or shape of the damaged spine sometime make it difficult to obtain a good view because the images are two-dimensional, he said.

While the O-arm Imaging System has been used only for spinal surgeries so far, the system could be used for other types of operations in the future.