Staffing agency owner: Prepare for hiring changes

Nina Anderson

Employers can expect more applicants to fill job openings now that a $300 federal stipend added to weekly unemployment benefits has ended, according to the owner of a staffing agency in Grand Junction.

“We average filling three positions a day. I expect that number to jump now that the stimulus program has ended,” said Nina Anderson, owner of the Express Employment Professionals franchise in Grand Junction.

Employers and job seekers alike also should be prepared for new work expectations and environments, Anderson said.

Job seekers will prefer employers that emphasize the whole person, she said. Offering days to work from home, as well as flexibility for personal time to stay close to family, will be important for employee retention.

Access to employee assistance programs and counseling as well as privacy in the workplace will be priorities if employers want staffs back in their physical workplaces, she said.

Employer needs have also changed, she added. While still looking for knowledge, skills and abilities, they’re also looking for employees who can remain engaged during work hours in exchange for added flexibility.

“Companies want job seekers to demonstrate high levels of customer service and show they still know how to build the internal and external relationships needed for a good functioning team,” Anderson said. “Employers are also seeking team members who can effectively communicate in a 360-degree manner.”

In the meantime, the job interview process has changed, she said.

Some employers will maintain social distancing practices by initially interviewing applicants by telephone and video, reserving face-to-face interactions for finalists. 

That means hiring managers and applicants must improve their vocal and video presence, including perfecting a more engaging speech tone with minimal filler words while also improving eye contact. Hiring managers and applicants must remain careful to listen and not respond too quickly, Anderson said.

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