Success stories prove dreams can come true

“Shark Tank” has become an increasingly popular television show, attracting by one estimate more than 8 million viewers who tune in to watch entrepreneurs pitch their business plans to a group of moguls who then consider whether or not to invest in their operations.

At a time when so-called “reality” television usually reflects anything but, it’s both surprising and refreshing to consider the success of a TV show depicting the real life drama of business and venture capitalism. But there are good reasons behind the ratings. “Shark Tank” confirms the entrepreneurial dream remains alive and well, that it’s still possible to turn a good idea and hard work into a better life. Moreover, the show offers inspiration: If the people on the program can do it, others can too.

The very same things hold true for the entrepreneurial success stories published in the Business Times. Such stories offer not only instructions that can be replicated on how to start and grow a business, but also the encouragement to do so.

An especially good entrepreneurial success story appears in the latest issue of the Business Times in recounting the experiences of Jenny and Dave Hall, a Grand Junction couple who’ve developed a unique storage system they’ve branded Glideware. Their extendable rail with hooks neatly secures pots and pans inside kitchen cabinets, but also can be used to store a wide variety of other things.

Like so many other entrepreneurs, the Halls initially invented their device to solve a problem. But they soon realized they had a viable product on their hands. As if they needed any more confirmation, Glideware captured one of four awards presented at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, an event billed as the largest trade show of its kind in the nation. More impressive still was the fact the tiny Grand Junction startup competed against such corporate giants as Dacor, Delta and Toto.

As the Halls learned so well, the execution part of new product development is more difficult than even the invention part. And that’s what prevents many other aspiring entrepreneurs with their own good ideas from achieving similar success.

But for those who are willing to put in the hard work and long hours, “Shark Tank” and the Business Times offer proof it’s possible to make entrepreneurial dreams come true.