Surgical team completes training

Charles Daniel
Charles Daniel

The surgical team at Grand Valley Foot and Ankle Center in Grand Junction completed a mobile foot and reconstructive course, focusing on advancements in surgical implants and internal hardware.

“It’s important that we consistently sharpen our skills through medical education courses and technical skills labs. The ever changing landscape of medicine and fast-paced improvement of technologies available to treat patients requires us to keep pace with those advancements,” said Dr. Charles Daniel, owner of Grand Valley Foot and Ankle Center.

Daniel joins with Drs. John Feild, Douglas Goforth, Laura Wetstine, Anna Moore and Joseph Dahlin in participating in advanced surgical skills courses offered by medical device companies.

“To reach the pinnacle of success in restoring one’s health, you must have a collaborative effort between the patient, the physician and technology. We are obligated to providing the best treatments and surgical procedures available to our community,” Daniel said.

“It should be reassuring to people that the health care system continues to evolve. This evolvement ultimately leads to overall patient health being restored more efficiently and effectively,” he added.

The Grand Valley Foot and Ankle Center operates offices at 2478 Patterson Road in Grand Junction. The practice also operates locations in Aspen, Basalt and Delta.

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