Survey results reflect business concerns over loans

Local business owners and managers have a variety of concerns about applying for additional funding if the effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue.

Responding to the latest survey conducted by the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, some owners and managers said they’d apply for funding only if the loans were forgivable or they were essential to saving their businesses. Others said they wouldn’t apply because they were uncertain whether or not they could pay back the loans. Still others said they don’t need outside help.

The survey also asked owners and managers about their concerns if public schools were forced to switch to online learning because of COVID-19 outbreaks.

Owners and managers cited two concerns: employees would be unable to work because they’d have to care for children at home and students would fall behind in their education.

Meanwhile, 22 percent of businesses reported they already have or plan to participate in a program recognizing efforts intended to slow the spread of the pandemic. While 17 percent said they need more information about the Variance Protection Program, 61 percent said they don’t plan to participate.