Taxpayer representation firms merge

Bentley Tax Consulting in Grand Junction has announced a business merger with Shannon Gass, the founder of tax solution companies Tax Problem Gone and American Taxpayer Advocates.

Tom Bentley founded Bentley Tax Consulting in 2008 to provider taxpayer representation services to individuals and small businesses. He brought to the firm more than 35 years of government experience, including his work as an appeals officer and program manager with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Gass began working in the tax resolution industry in 2000 as an information technology consultant for an online tax resolution company. He earned his Enrolled Agent federal tax practitioner license in 2003 and founded the Tax Solutions consulting firm.

Gass subsequently worked with a team to develop the first secure, Internet-based system for client relations for tax resolution  companies, and completed study and coursework certification in negotiation, neuroscience and emotional intelligence. He also joined in efforts to establish ACE Financial Wellness, a nonprofit program offering help with debt and stress management. In addition, Gass was elected as a founding board member of the National Association of Tax Resolution Companies.

Bentley Tax Consulting does not provide accounting, legal or tax services. Rather, the firm offers a range of services related to resolving tax debts. For more information, call 254-0283.