Technology changing real estate marketing

Dale Beede
Dale Beede

Experienced commercial real estate brokers know their customers demand more from them than just planting a for sale sign and praying. Fortunately, new technology is available to significantly assist agents in developing a marketing program that shines within the industry.

Professional photography, for example, has evolved so that photographers work with computer systems to create images that far exceed what’s capable with the naked eye alone. Glamour photos — albeit of industrial warehouses, retail properties and office space — are available to brokerages so that advertising catches the public’s eye better than ever.

Meanwhile, it’s increasingly common to send marketing notes and fliers to investors, other brokers, tenants and landlords at the press of a button. That button might be on your office computer, home computer, cell phone or even a borrowed computer.

As for advertising syndication, is the operative word today.  Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties based in Grand Junction syndicates its advertising to more than 200 online Web sites that are international in scope.

If you’re vacationing in the Caribbean, all it takes is a quick look at CoStar, LoopNet, CityFeet or any commercial Web site to locate available commercial and investment properties anywhere in the world. We couldn’t do this five years ago. Now it’s demanded by sellers and landlords in the know.

How about the old multiple listing service system? It’s common today to find commercial brokers who are members of multiple MLS systems — including those largely built for residential brokers — in every region and such commercial systems as Xcelligent and DMCAR. The focus is on getting the word out about a specific property to as many locations and groups of people as possible.

Todd Conklin, chief executive officer of Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties and Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, has developed additional offices for both companies in Craig, Steamboat Springs and Vail in Colorado and Sun Valley in Idaho. Conklin continues to grow the operation throughout the intermountain west.

Conklin remains adamant each of these locations use the very best marketing systems technology allows. He hired Alexie Rusk, a marketing expert, to build marketing systems that wow customers in each of the company’s markets. It’s working: Market share and growth in sales numbers validate these new systems.

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  1. Steve Attarian   May 24, 2016 at 11:32 pm

    Thank you Dale. Great article, Digital marketing today is as important as Yellow Pages used to be. In five years it will have changed more. I hope more Grand Junction businesses make smart choices like Mr. Conklin made!!