The more things change, the more they stay the same

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

By the time you read this column, it’s my sincere hope the Republican Party has taken firmer control of the U.S. House of Representatives and control of the Senate. I further wish that every governor’s position in states where there were elections, along with every race available where Republicans ran, were indeed won by the Republican Party.

I pray this for one reason: Anyone is better than a Democratic Party member ruling in office. And lucky for Republicans, they indeed fall into the category of “anyone.” Barely. Amidst the layers of slime at the bottom of the barrel, Republicans occupy the layer just above Democrats.

With that said, here’s my question: Will you be better off  two years from now than you were today, when, once again, some party has come along to save the republic just in the nick of time? Just remember, our last two presidents allegedly did just that, which leads to another question: How’s that working out for you? For most of the people I know, the answers are either not at all, or just barely as they work around all of this “saving” being done for them by politicians.

Let’s face the main, serious fact. Unless our nation stops spending at breakneck speed, we’re toast. And before you get all “the Republicans will fix it” on me, let’s talk for real about spending. This country spends way more than it confiscates on the national level. And both parties do it by hundreds of billions of dollars every year, sometimes trillions. Washington does this by printing its own money which it borrows from itself to spend on things to buy votes, all with the blessing of each party. And because it does this, our debt increases disproportionately. Because no matter what spending Washington does, it’s ALL deficit spending, regardless of the program. But no problem, if Congress needs more money, it will just print it. If you or I did this, we’d be in jail.

Speaking of the deficit, stop with the argument about how Barack Obama has cut the deficit faster than any president in history. While that might be true, it’s a task easily accomplished considering his first deficit (and second and third) was over $1 TRILLION. So to gut it by 50 percent to only around $600 billion is NOT an accomplishment. It’s still twice what Bush normally ran up. Put simply, try getting a loan from your banker for a hundred grand by telling them that you promise to stop overspending your income from $75,000 a year to only $40,000.

As of today, regardless of who’s president or controls Congress, the money being overspent is guaranteed by the American taxpayer. Some estimate to the tune of about $50,000 for each American worker. But it’s worse. Since only half of American workers pay taxes, we’re at $100,000 per taxpayer. Hang on, this gets better. This is based on our recorded debt of about $17 trillion. It’s estimated that our unfunded liabilities for the never ending litany of social programs (don’t forget, Obamacare isn’t even in the formula because its liability cannot be even estimated) are in the range of

$75 trillion to $125 trillion, maybe more. So the average American worker who pays taxes has a tax bill of somewhere between $400,000 and $600,000 to pay for government overspending money they didn’t want spent. Oh, but you voted. So therefore, politicians are doing this on your behalf. This is akin to not only paying your neighbor’s debt you didn’t spend, but also the entire neighborhood’s.

Just remember, there are projected deficits in our near future that top $1 trillion once again — and yes, those are Obama’s projections. But those projections matter not, because they come after this election and after Obama is out of office. No one is arguing that fact. They know it’s coming. And they’ll spend it, regardless of party.

But the Republicans will cut spending, you say. Will they? Tell me please, what will they cut when the Democrats start screaming about babies starving and dying (while they approve of abortion), how grandma will die (after gutting Medicare via Obamacare) and how Republicans are killing Social Security (even though in the 75 years they’ve been screaming, it’s never even been suggested)? Here’s the answer: Nothing. Not one red cent.

When push comes to shove on “taking care of people” two things happen: 1. Democrats win because they can fake empathy like no other while looting the treasury, and 2. Republicans will wheel out (in a few years literally) their mush mouthed (in Boehner’s case possibly drunk, and in McConnell’s case literally the ability not to be understood ), pasty white, milquetoast, spineless, feckless congressional leaders to sound like they’re actually going to do something about out little dictator in the White House. And nothing will happen except Obama getting his way like a spoiled child. Oh, and the debt will go up.

No matter who’s elected, the more things stay the same if we don’t cut spending.