The state of our union is disunion because that’s how some want it

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

Yeah. And they’re mostly negative. And not just because I occasionally listen to Glenn Beck and his end times ministry to sell stuff. These are actually things I see and surmise for myself. As my freedom bone must disclose, they’re simply listed here and they’re completely voluntary to be read, agreed to and certainly will never be forced upon you at the barrel of a gun. And yes, you can vehemently disagree should you choose.

Washington, D.C. still sucks as it relates to our government. Well, truth is, it sucks in general, with the biggest suck being our money and freedom into its abyss. We don’t even have to go back that far for examples. Let’s just talk about our border and comprehensive immigration reform. The truth is, Congress has been working on this all the way back to when the Democrats never kept good on their word to President Ronald Reagan. These same folks  — yes, many of them have been the same for decades — have been talking about coming up with the best ways to slow or stop illegal immigration, secure our borders and stop the criminal elements that come across it.

What exactly have they done? Other than speeches, nothing. Seriously, nothing. I keep hearing about how both sides need to work together to “come up with a deal” to solve this problem. Yet, even with the promise to work toward a deal if the government (that was never closed to begin with) was reopened, here we are once again with Democrats going back on their word even faster than recorded in their history.

Let’s see. We have myriad immigration laws on the books, with none of them enforced. E-verify is ignored. Social Security numbers are stolen in record numbers. Catch and release has basically become release and forget with almost every court date missed by those released. Let’s face it: Next to nothing has been done to secure the thousands of miles of our southern border. And yes, this is on both sides of the aisle in Congress. But now it’s mostly on Dems because the only people in Washington actually trying to do something about the southern border crisis have Rs after their names.

Freedom and constitutional rights are losing ground. Anyone recall the fiasco at the Lincoln Memorial? Anyone recall all the times certain speakers aren’t allowed to speak on campus? Anyone recall the Brett Kavanaugh hearings? Anyone recall being forced to pay a “shared responsibility” payment? Anyone watching how some gangs are allowed to destroy entire areas of cities while others are called radicals and racist while peaceful? Anyone notice how censoring on social media is one-sided? Anyone watch the video of the blatantly unconstitutional assault on Roger Stone’s home, yet the man was out on bail within a few hours anyway? Anyone ever bother to find out the actual crime Robert Mueller is investigating?

If you can’t answer any of those questions, you certainly cannot answer this one: Anyone doubt that any, or all, of the above can and will happen to you or me if we continue down this road?

Let’s talk about the latest the party of slavery, separate but equal and abortion promotes. We can now kill babies born in some states if mom decides she doesn’t want it. How this equates to women’s rights (we’re way past reproductive rights, since, you know, you’ve already reproduced) because it certainly isn’t helping the rights of girls or little female babies in the womb is beyond me. Maybe that’s why they insist on calling it women’s rights, since kids, babies and males have none with abortion.

How about Dems calling for flat-out socialism and 70 percent to 90 percent tax rates. Medicare for all. Ignoring the crisis on our border unless they’re allowed to rule. Forcing all of us to give up fossil fuels and have only “green” energy. Being the sole decider of what is hate. Basically, the government in the hands of Democrats in charge of every decision we have in terms of how to spend our money, use our property and live our lives.

Speaking of the last couple of paragraphs, we now have this same “state of the state” here in Colorado with Democrats in charge in Denver. Although our governor was kind enough to finally do something on the Western Slope, if only to use it for a prop for birth (if the mom allows it) to grave social programming. Sorry, governor, I will never believe the best decisions for my life can be made by a few dozen liberals in Denver.

If we could all come to an agreement these “radical” ideas in the Democrat party aren’t radical at all but rather the mainstream, we could begin to salvage some rights. You can’t negotiate with the platforms of the Democrat party because them seeing the devastation of socialism on free people is simply ignored — in spite of many examples. It must be defeated.

While sometimes gruff, President Donald Trump stands for putting much of the universe’s creator’s rights we’re afforded back into place while securing them with the Constitution. For this, Trump and his followers are called racists, rights deniers, haters and much more.

All because we see things differently. That is the state of our union.