The value of success stories

There’s nothing better than an entrepreneurial success story. Such stories serve not only to affirm the realization of the American dream, but also offer inspiration and instruction to those who pursue their own accomplishments.

Here in Western Colorado, one of the best entrepreneurial success stories of all recounts the exploits of four brothers who founded City Market and expanded the operation from a single store in downtown Grand Junction to what is today a chain of 35 stores spread out across four states.

Tony Prinster, a former president of City Market, has joined in writing a new book that tells the history of the business and the role of the preceding generations of his family in its success.

The book offers not only a personal look at an enterprising family, but also lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs that remain relevant today. Those lessons include the benefits of avoiding debt, reinvesting profits into operations and fostering relationships. That’s not to mention the vision and courage required to recognize and act on opportunities.

Here’s one more lesson: Entrepreneurs who remember the past could very well be blessed to repeat it.