To my first-time readers, welcome to my column

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

Just as with the gambling at Rick’s, some readers were shocked at the tone of my last column regarding the state of the Republican primary ballot — although I prefaced my remarks in the first paragraph with the lines, “… here’s a column to show you just how seriously I take most of these folks. But how serious can you be when the candidates don’t seem that way to me?”

And yes, I’m shocked once again at how readers skipped all of my prefacing and qualifying related to my tone and went straight to their talking points and idiosyncrasies instead of just taking the column for what it was, my take on the sorry state of Republican affairs in Mesa County and Colorado. Sadly, that trend runs all the way to Washington, D.C.

Where to begin? Let’s start with the good ol’, “What the f$#@ was that political column?” Knowing where this was going to go given who it was from, I did the silly thing and responded “I don’t understand.” So I was informed that since I’m the boss, I can’t begin a column with the words, 

“I don’t know much about, but ….” Apparently, I made this reader soil himself with those words alone. I never knew snarkiness could be so powerful.

Now let’s forget that those words, or any wording to infer my lack of knowledge of the politics of this primary, occur anywhere in the column. And let’s not dwell on the fact that not knowing or trusting politicians can in any way be construed as lack of knowledge on a topic. Let’s run with this commenter for a bit. Because when it comes to politics, I simply can’t and won’t trust anyone fully for this simple fact: They’re not ME.

The commenter is an avid John Pennington supporter, which to those of us who follow local politics is a frothing-at-the- mouth, minionized Steve King hater. Now you might ask why I state their position in such a manner, and that would be a fair question. I say hater of King because my Facebook wall is littered with all of the reasons and wild accusations as to why to not vote for King for Mesa County sheriff, along with zero reasons to vote for Pennington. 

I say frothing because you should read what’s on my wall. I don’t normally see such vitriol unless I find myself tangled with a vegetarian, co-existing, unbathed, add-an-adjective-here-as-you-see-fit liberal online.

And in my communications with this commenter after I said I simply write what I think, I was told, “… because when what you’re thinking doesn’t make you sound intelligent or informed — I think it harms your credibility … and I’m not sharing to try to harm.” Besides, in my humble opinion, the commenter missing the point of the column, I tend to dismiss the thoughts of others who have a way of calling me stupid in the nicest possible way.  But I do wish to thank this commenter for cementing my decision to vote for King. Let’s put it this way, I’ve never made a sale listing all of the reasons why my competition sucks.

As for first-time readers, as I said, “Welcome to my sophmoric, childish world.”

Yes, I misspelled sophomoric, but they mispronounced it first! Yes, I was left a three-minute message at the office talking about my level of writing in my last column. A couple of things come to mind. First, it’s the kind of writing for which I’m known. As I’ve stated on many occasions, 

I write what I think and write like I speak. People who know me know that. And heck, most of them actually still like me. And, yes, that includes Steve King, who laughed off a poorly worded reference in the column in question that hit him as a little personal. He knows and I know he would not do what was said, and he also took the time to stop in and say hello and talk with me about it. So I knew how he felt, and he now knows what I meant. Kinda how it should be.

What Steve didn’t do is spend an entire phone message belittling and insulting me. It’s not that I mind that kind of message. It’s that I don’t understand it. Besides the fact that the caller left me his number with an invite to, “Call me so we can talk about this some more” sendoff, I also take umbrage (damned right I used a big word, I have a reputation to upgrade here) with the caller’s statement saying that a person in my position should take things more seriously.

Seriously? The whole point of the column was to say that if this is the best the Republicans can do (with a couple of exceptions), then in the words of John McEnroe, “You cannot be serious!” My “position” has nothing to do with it for one important reason: I’m not you.

I don’t look to these folks to do anything for me. As a matter of fact, I’d prefer to only vote for folks who’d say the opposite — that they are going into office to do nothing, that almost all government is overreach and every law constitutes a favor to some and a burden on the rest. Simply put, the ones who want to take it all down.

And while I might be polite and listen, I can make up my own mind.