U Fix It Garage caters to do-it-yourselvers.

A new Grand Valley business offers a location in which people can repair their cars and other vehicles.

U Fix It Garage rents out nine bays for repairs, each bay equipped with a set of hand tools. Specialty tools and vehicle lifts also are available to rent by the hour.

Glen Nickerson, owner of U Fix It Garage, said the business provides a place to repair cars for people who don’t have the space or tools for the job — or are prohibited from doing so by homeowner association or rental agreements.

“So many people out there know how to work on their car, but simply don’t have the space, tools or permission from HOAs to do that,” he said. “We offer a safe, clean environment with air conditioning and heat and provide hand tools, power tools, lifts, electronic data bases and more that can be used.”

Located at 2757 U.S. Highway 50 near the Mesa County Fairgrounds, U Fix It Garage is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily and rents out nine bays for repairs. Seven of those bars are for cars, while two bays come with lifts for motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and tractors.

Customers call or stop in to schedule a time, check in with needed parts, work on their vehicles, clean up and check out.

Nickerson said the U Fix It Garage offers an alternative to what can be costly repairs for people who can do the work themselves. “The purpose of this business is to provide a cost-effective alternative compared to taking your car to a traditional, do-it-for-me shop. Renting the space and tools, purchasing your own parts and using your own elbow grease can really put some money back in your wallet.”

For more information, call 243-0966 or visit the website at www.ufixitgj.com.