United Way campaign goal: $1.2 million

Nonprofit organizations reflect what’s happening in the local economy.

United Way of Mesa County offers an example of how much has changed from the boom days of 2007. That was the year the agency raised more than $1.2 million for its annual campaign. For the campaign that ends in 2011, the agency hopes for a similar result even though there are more people in the county and more partner agencies asking for assistance.

United Way sees a high demand for human service agency assistance while some of those agencies have realized budget cuts.

Donations are tracking where they were last year at this time, said Amanda Crysler, director of development for the United Way of Mesa County. The agency counted about $726,0000 as of Nov. 23. Given current, conditions, that’s a good place to be.

“We have 10 new workplace campaigns,” Crysler said, bringing the total to 53 businesses. More people are contributing even though the dollar amount looks the same as last year. As the economy rebounds, the result could mean higher dollars due to the increased number of donors. “We have a 2 percent increase in participation,” she said.