United Way campaign raises nearly $870,000

Businesses and organizations were recognized for their roles in a campaign that raised nearly $870,000 for United Way of Mesa County.

As of Feb. 29, the latest campaign had raised $869,225. That’s almost 87 percent of the $1 million goal announced at the beginning of the effort.

Most of the money comes from workplace contributions. Those contributions in turn are allocated to nonprofit health and human service programs in Mesa County.

“United Way is truly a ground up process of local businesses and citizens investing in the quality of life in Mesa County,” said Joe Higgins, a member of the United Way board of directors. “As a former director of a nonprofit agency, I can verify the direct and positive impact the United Way community campaign has on the ability of the United Way funded programs to operate effective and efficient services. The demand for services continues to grow in Mesa County, and the United Way investment makes a huge difference in the lives of tens of thousands of residents.”

The campaign remains open to collect additional contributions. For more information, call 243-5364 or visit www.unitedwaymesaconty.org. Volunteers soon will begin reviewing funding requests from 48 applicants.

United Way of Mesa County presented seven awards at a campaign celebration:

Enstrom Candies won the Spirit of Giving Award presented to a company that best exemplifies the spirit of United Way for its corporate philanthropy throughout the year.

HopeWest won the Edison Award for the most innovative campaign techniques.

Mesa County won the Trailblazer Award for setting an example of philanthropy.

Marillac Clinic won the Positive Change Award recognizing the largest increase in participation and contributions in a workplace campaign.

Mesa County School District 51 won the Million Dollar Milestone Award for a total of more than $1 million in employee contributions over the past decade.

John Kelley won the Raul Ramos Memorial Award for his leadership in a workplace campaign that resulted in increased contributions.

Kids Aid won the Mary J. Nelson Inspirational Award presented to a United Way funded agency that demonstrates community leadership and a high standard of service to clients.