Upon further review of the left … it’s all about Trump

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

Let’s just break this down to brass tacks. This whole election brouhaha isn’t about rights. Rights of any kind. Not LGBT rights, immigrant rights or women’s rights. This isn’t about free speech. It’s not about executive orders gone wild. The fact is, this whole uproar over Trump is about simply one thing: Trump.

And no, it’s not about the man. It’s about what he views and how he views it. To me, it’s because he views it through the lens of freedom.

Can we find a constitutional right that’s been violated by anything Trump has done in the past two weeks — yes, they’re this crazy after only two weeks … unbelievable if it weren’t so believable — that’s taken away anyone’s right to do anything other than in the minds of the left?

But let’s have a look anyway at these issues that have led to seemingly “spontaneous” protests. You know the ones, with all the preprinted signs and pre-organized and funded marches and their unpunished violence and destruction of property.

LGBT rights? My first take is that anyone protesting for rights should do it with one ideal in mind: That we all have the same rights. The founders agreed. Liberals prefer special rights, depending on what keeps them in power, enforced by law. How else can you explain slavery, Jim Crow, poll taxes, welfare, Social Security, the so-called “defense of marriage” act, ObamaCare and the myriad other vote buying or dividing or whatever was the “flavor of the moment” laws espoused and supported by Democrats since our country’s founding?

Seriously, the “defense of marriage” act was signed into law by Bill Clinton so the federal government (the supposed ultimate authority in treating everyone “equally”) wouldn’t have to pay LGBT partners benefits because the government needed benefit guidelines, not for some radical cause. It was a money saving measure. It wasn’t until the Democrats rebranded it to make it sound like Republicans hated gay marriage that it became a political football.

The fact is, LGBT marriage has always been legal. At the absolute core of our rights, everyone has the right to spend their life in relationships with another person of their choosing. That can be any type of relationship whether it’s business, personal or otherwise. And yes, you can call any of those relationships marriages per your rights, yes, even the LGBT ones if that is how you believe them to be. I’ll back you 100 percent. What everyone also needs to realize is that others have the right to recognize them or not based on how they perceive them. The only laws that should be in place are the ones that protect all of us to think how we choose to think without violating the rights of others.

It’s the same with immigration. I wrote a column back when George W. Bush was president and we had another dust up about comprehensive immigration reform. First off, has anyone else looked at this topic and said, “Obviously, neither party wants to get this done, since we never get anywhere on it and it always gets worse?” The theme of my column was simple, let’s enforce existing laws and guidelines already in place and then for any illegals we find in country we can work through them on a case-by-case basis. So what happens the second Trump tries to apply a law (once again put in place by a Democrat president) constitutionally to our current situation? The left goes apoplectic.

Women’s rights? Is there somewhere in this country where women and men don’t have the same rights? And without getting into specifics, there’s nothing Trump can do to pass a law that will restrict women’s rights, no matter what some on the left feel is a right or some on the right feel isn’t one. (Hint, most of what’s protested are not rights). It would be unconstitutional and I’d stand right there with you. My only advice for many of the women’s rights marchers would be to really “vet” who speaks for your cause and talk to your state reps on those evil taxes that made it to the forefront. Like the other parts of this movement, they aren’t federal issues beyond protecting and ensuring those rights we all have, regardless of gender.

How about free speech? The only side I see shutting down any type of speech in my brief stay on the planet is the left to the ultimate in irony of burning down Starbucks as they do it. Then again, Starbucks isn’t exactly about free thinking or speech, so maybe it’s karma. Even Michael Douglas had a better grip on this as the lefty “American President.” I stand with your right to say what you want. Just don’t violate mine to do the same as you.

As for executive orders, I have one thing to say. You had to know at some point the other party’s person would have a pen and a phone, no?

And that’s what this comes down to: who’s in control of saying what we do, think or say. The left doesn’t like it when it’s not them. I don’t know if it’s because it makes them feel power or feel superior or feel better about themselves. Constitutionally, feelings don’t matter.

Trump knows this. I know this. Even the left knows this. And that’s why it’s so up in arms.