Venue management partnership praised

Greg Caton
Greg Caton
Maria Rainsdon
Maria Rainsdon

More than a year into a contract to manage events and entertainment facilities in Grand Junction, Pinnacle Venue Services has increased revenues, decreased costs and improved guest experiences, the city announced.

“This is nothing but good news for the community and for the users of these facilities,” Grand Junction City Manager Greg Caton stated in a news release. “Pinnacle has been doing an outstanding job implementing improvements and sharpening the operation. We are extremely pleased with what we have seen. This solidifies our belief that this partnership was the right decision.”

Maria Rainsdon, general manager of Two Rivers Convention Center and Avalon Theater, agreed. “It’s been a busy and transforming year for our team and venues. We had an aggressive action plan when we took over, and are pleased with our results thus far.

“With that being said, we have a long way to go to achieve our ultimate vision for the venues,” Rainsdon said.  “One area we will continue to focus on is offering a diverse lineup. Last year’s event listing had something for everyone, and our focus will continue to bring a diverse event lineup to the area.”

In January 2017, the Grand Junction City Council approved a contract with Pinnacle Venue Services to manage the convention center and theater. The agreement subsequently was extended for Pinnacle to manage large, ticketed events at the new amphitheater in Las Colonias Park.

Two Rivers Conventions Center offers 23,000 square feet of space for meetings, conventions, and other events. The Avalon Theater seats up to 1,100 for concerts, movies, and other functions.

Under the contract, Pinnacle Venue Services receives an annual fee and keeps the first $100,000 of revenue collected from Two Rivers and the Avalon. The city and company split revenues above $100,000. At the same time, the city caps its annual expenditures on the facilities.

Pinnacle Venue Services announced year-end results for 2017 that included:

A more than $195,000 decrease in the city operating subsidy attributed to growing revenues and decreasing costs.

Upgraded technology at the convention center and theater, including building-wide wireless and fast-track high-speed internet access.

A new customer service program along with a new user- and mobile-friendly website, revamped food and beverage offerings and new events.

Partnering with local businesses on technology upgrades, website redesigns, food and beverage supplies and ticketing services.

Implementing standard operating procedures, including new inventory processes for food and beverage services that reduce waste and emphasize the use of fresh local ingredients over frozen and canned foods.

Improved employee relations through training and recognition programs.

Pinnacle Venue Services recently merged with Oak View Group to form Oak View Group Facilities. The company operates and books amphitheaters, arenas, convention centers, theaters and other venues across the United States.