Veterinary hospital opens in Grand Junction

Thad Respet
Thad Respet

Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital has opened in Grand Junction, offering a range of services, treatments and surgeries for dogs and cats.

Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital also offers ongoing education to help people keep their pets healthy and safe, said Thad Respet, the Grand Valley veterinarian who founded the practice.

“We emphasize preventive care, such as an annual wellness exam, blood work and annual dental care,” Respet said.
“By encouraging preventive care for pets, it allows us to catch health problems in the early stages, when health conditions are the most treatable and the most affordable to resolve.”

Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital is located at 2387 River Road, No. 140. The hospital is open Monday through Saturday and offers evening hours on Tuesdays by appointment. For an appointment or more information, call 985-4911.

In addition to general care, Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital offers emergency, orthopedic, soft tissue and trauma surgeries; dental cleanings and extractions; and hospice care and euthanasia for older pets.

Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital also offers pet care information through monthly blogs on the website at www.SkyCanyon, monthly e-mail blasts and an online knowledge center.

“Knowledge is power, and the more pet owners know about various aspects of pet care, the more than can make conscious decisions that have a significant, positive impact on the health of their pets,” Respet said.