Want a reason to repeal gun laws? How about Ferguson?

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

I guess I say that because for the life of me, I can’t understand the rejection of the obvious reason we all have the right to keep and bear arms: the Second Amendment.

Every law that usurps that unalienable right in any way, shape or form is simply unconstitutional. But since the Constitution means little to lawmakers across the country who only have “the best interests of the citizens in mind,” I’ll try to address this problem with an example they are all making hay from and has their utmost attention — the smoldering ash of their making in Ferguson, Mo.

We’ve all heard all of the arguments for gun legislation. It will help save lives. Felons shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. Guns need to be kept out of the hands of the mentally ill. No one needs 30 rounds to kill Bambi. And my favorite: These laws will keep guns out of the hands of criminals. No one can show me any reason in any way — outside of some study commissioned with a predetermined result — that gun laws actually achieve the desired results of all of these claims.

Who needs a gun? We all do. And this is pretty simple as to why. Liberals love to spout off about the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” when it comes to their desires. Very few, I suspect, know the original intent of that statement ended in “the pursuit of property.” Because that’s what this country is founded upon: the God-given right to individual property, both physical and intellectual. Having the ability to protect that property would therefore logically follow. But for some reason, the liberals in charge of our country have a difficult time understanding that and pass gun law after gun law. I wonder how many folks in Ferguson who can’t get a gun due to this technicality or that law would love to have a gun about now?

Here’s a scenario I’m sure is going on right now in Ferguson. A married man, let’s call him Jim, owns a home near the center of the rioting — don’t kid yourself, this isn’t some exercise in democracy, people are dying and folks are losing all they have daily in that town — with his wife, Mary, and two kids, ages 4 and 1.  Jim used to be someone who lived his life the wrong way and got busted for shoplifting when he was 18, resulting in a felony conviction. Jim paid full restitution to the store, did his probation, turned his life around by going back to church, getting his GED, finding employment — although he’s probably now on unemployment due to one of the “peaceful” fires set in his town — bought a home after getting married and is truly building a better life. It’s something we used to call the American Dream. So Jim can do all of those things. But there’s one thing Jim can’t do: buy a gun to protect himself, his family or his home. Worse yet, if Mary buys a gun and Jim happens to use it protecting their home, both Jim and Mary are in big trouble.

The only situation that could be worse for Jim and Mary is if one of them testified and told the truth to the grand jury regarding the Michael Brown case. If that’s the case, the need all the guns they can get their hands on. But they can’t, because some bureaucrat they’ve never met sits in some room reviewing gun applications with a giant red stamp in his hand that only stamps “denied.” But that’s what Jim gets for following “the law” in trying to get a gun.

Understand this. Jim did what millions of people have done in this country with their second chance. Come to think of it, this country was built by a bunch of people who were basically kicked out of their own countries and got their second chance here. These folks paid their debt to society, turned their lives around and are now productive, law-abiding citizens. That should be celebrated. Instead, we punish these kinds of people by continuing to deny them their basic rights.

But what about all the reasons people believe others should be allowed to own a firearm? “Our nation will become the wild, wild west with everyone shooting everyone if everyone has a gun,” you say. Just what do you think it’s become now? I’m just trying to give the good people a fighting chance. Let’s face it: the bad guys HAVE guns in spite of all the lawmaking.

“You don’t need 30 rounds to kill Bambi,” you declare. Well, if Bambi is a 300 plus pound, “gentle giant” attacking YOU or Bambi brought along a few extra deer to break into your home while you and your family are sleeping, I’d say you need as many rounds as it takes.

“How about the mentally ill, surely you don’t think they should have guns?” you ask. I would simply ask back, “Why is it that people are only declared mentally ill AFTER shooting up a theater or school because the laws in place didn’t prevent them from getting a gun?”

Guns are a weapon of opportunity, no different than a 2 x 4, knife or brick. I’m just saying give the folks defending themselves the opportunity to own their weapons of choice.