Want fracking info? There’s an app for that

A Colorado organization continues an educational initiative offering information about what the group touts as the benefits of energy development, including hydraulic fracturing, in a free mobile application.

“This new, free mobile app provides Coloradans easy access to the truth, science and technology behind fracking and its importance to our state, our economy and our energy independence,” said Jon Haubert, communications director for Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development.

The app is available from the iTunes and Google Play stores. Once downloaded, users can access the information from any wireless connection.

“Whether at a social event, talking casually with friends, neighbors or acquaintances at the grocery store, this app enables users to quickly fact check what they’re hearing and share information about the thousands of jobs, millions of dollars in tax revenue, lower energy costs and the many other benefits of safe and responsible oil and natural gas development,” Haubert said.