Waste Management promotes recycling

Waste Management has joined in a national campaign to promote recycling.

“Whether it’s helping with a recycling project in your community; purchasing products made from recycled materials or simply making sure you place your paper, aluminum, plastic and glass in your recycling bin, it’s important that we all make a commitment to do our part to protect our environment and preserve resources,” said Scott Bradley, area vice president for Waste Management Four Corners.

Waste Management recently joined in an America Recycles Day collaboration with Keep America Beautiful, a nonprofit organization that promotes public-private partnerships to create clean public places and reduce waste.

The U.S. recycling rate stands at 34 percent, which represents a savings in energy equivalent to 229 million barrels of crude oil or the annual energy consumption of 14 million households.

Recycling a single aluminum can saves enough energy to operate a light bulb for 20 hours, a computer for three hours or a television for two hours. Every ton or recycled plastic bottles saves about 3.8 barrels of oil.

Waste Management encourages people to think about what they’re throwing away and whether or not those materials could be recycled; to come up with new uses for bottles, cans and paper; and to encourage family members and friends to recycle.

Waste Management offers a range of collection, disposal and recycling services throughout North America and employs more than 1,200 people in Colorado. In Grand Junction, Waste Management operates a recycling facility at 1227 Winters Ave. For more information about Waste Management, visit the website at www.wm.com.