We have separation … not of powers, but people

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

Do you experience separation anxiety? I know I do. But it’s not the kind one normally thinks of when discussing this topic. This isn’t about my youngest and school (she couldn’t wait to go) or even our adult versions of the disorder regarding cell phones, favorite coffee house fixes or workouts (for the record, mine would NEVER be these three). No, this is about the separation of the people in our country.

And this anxiety comes with the mother of all separation, our government. Now there are good separations — such as the separation of powers between the branches of government and Thomas Jefferson’s famous penning of the term “separation of church and state.” There are also bad versions, like the infamous Jim Crow separate-but-equal facilities (which was government-sponsored racism), the fact that we have almost no power in two branches of our government and are inching closer to being run by the ideas of the executive branch and the ongoing misunderstanding of Jefferson’s original intent in his letter.

But it’s hard to argue a lot of separation of the people comes directly from our government. And that comes with two dramatic results that are bad for people and good for government. Because when people are separated, the government can grow, give favors to the select few and take away rights virtually unchecked. And before we go too far the other way, this isn’t about inclusiveness and total acceptance. This is about the one word that’s perfectly in balance when it comes to how we can be truly separate but equal, and that is through freedom. Warning: You’re about to be hit with faith in this column, because Judeo-Christian values and freedom go hand in hand.

Just look at recent events for some proof.

We have the pope visiting a White House under the control of the party that booed God at its convention just three short years ago. The only reason I see for this is the fact the pope has an agenda akin to socialism (no surprise given when and where he grew up) and this White House won’t hesitate to use him in promoting an agenda that’s essentially the same. But what better way to put a wedge among Christians than to bring in a pope who has enough trouble with his own flock, let alone being able to tell Christians in this country this is how God wants us to rule on global warming, social issues and faith? This is a triple play. Separating not only the people and government more, it also separates Christians among themselves and the Catholic church.

We have one side telling Ben Carson (a God-fearing, good man by ANY account of his life) he must drop out of the presidential race because he simply stated, correctly, that a Muslim should not be president if that man (I’d say person, but let’s face it, it won’t be a woman in this case) was going to put Sharia law above the Constitution. Please remember these arguments are coming from Christians on the right trying to score points, the party of God booing that can’t afford any Christian view on its “sacraments” and from CAIR, you know, the Islamist group that wants Sharia law as the law of our land. But one can’t argue the main point that Carson is correct. The Constitution is incompatible with Sharia. But why argue common sense when you can pit people against one another? Trust me, you should see all the “GOP is hateful because Carson said something” rhetoric on the Internet.

Finally, we come to “clock boy” and the uproar that now makes one either an all-inclusive supporter of genius or Islamaphobic. Really? Well, I would ask, what’s in a name? Because that’s what’s being played out in this case. Once again, our president, liberals and the press rush to judgment about a police action when they have no clue what’s going on, but it fits a dividing template they’d prefer to force on the American people. So a kid takes apart a clock and re-bolts it into a pencil box that, yes, looks like a mini suitcase bomb and takes it to school. The sole reason this became a police action is because of the liberal policies of “see something, say something” and zero tolerance. But the bigoted point of view is that the school did the right thing? This is all from the same people lurking at every corner for a kid going “pew, pew” with his hand shaped like a gun while wearing an “I love Jesus” t-shirt. And just who would these same folks blame if it really wasn’t a “clock” and things really blew up? Nothing separates like the word bigot, does it?

While we argue these things, babies in America will be separated from their mothers’ wombs and butchered for parts, Christians and Muslims alike will have their heads and bodies separated because they don’t believe the right way and millions of Americans will be separated from their possessions to fund things in which they don’t believe.

And agenda-driven folks have us arguing over a clock, ideas or something someone said. We better start coming together on what is right, because THAT clock is ticking.