We haven’t yet voted away our republic, but we’re trying

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

That said, I am saddened that many Americans have fallen for the line that somehow or other voting is “our most sacred duty” that we hear myriad times from the major political players.  It simply isn’t. Is voting important? You bet! Is voting as sacred as politicians declare? Not one bit. GETTING your vote is sacred to them, and as history has proven, many of them will say and do anything to get it. Then they don’t need you, or your vote, or anything you deem sacred once elected. That’s not sacred.

         Want more reasons why voting isn’t sacred? Why isn’t our election process the most protected process the nation has? A quick glance will tell you it simply isn’t. Fraud is rampant and the process is just plain silly, except for the fact that it’s planned for the benefit of politicians. Why else do you think it’s so easy to vote? No ID, no proof of citizenship, vote well before the election, vote by mail, and there are more ideas on the thinking block to make it even easier to vote online. I can envision a time when there will be legal representatives casting your vote for you based on how someone says you think. Then again, we have voter registration groups doing that already with ACORN and its ilk. This year, we even have the President saying there will be no repercussions for illegals who vote. That’s not sacred.

And why do politicians want to make it so easy to vote? So that they can pander, promise and buy as many votes as possible. Once again that’s not sacred.

  Think of what you believe to be sacred. All of the things you would come up with would revolve around something you value deeply.  For some it’s our Constitutional freedoms which politicians don’t deem very sacred as they take more and more of them. For others it may be a profession like a pastor, doctor, teacher or their skilled trade. For other, it means their family, marriage or kids. But what matters most is that each person takes what is sacred to them seriously and with commitment. Is anyone seriously considering their vote in this election at the sacred level?

Think about this even further. In just the examples above, what do the sacred things require as an American? Well, let’s see. First and foremost, you have to be able to prove you are an American to claim unalienable rights or hold a job. Do you have to do that to vote? Not anymore. And they all require some kind of training or commitment and certainly all require effort. Is there any of that in our modern voting system? The simple answer is no. And given our polticians’ ignoring of their basic oath to protect and defend the constitution, there’s no effort or commitment in passing laws that don’t affect them personally or where they have no responsibility in the outcome.

There’s a reason the constitution says, “Congress shall pass no law….”, limits the powers of the presidency and kept the role of the Supreme Court to ruling on the constitutionality of laws passed and signed by the other branches of government. It’s because our founders knew exactly what our most sacred right was: Freedom. And they knew that the people could vote that away given the mechanisms and flaws of the people we elect. So voting is indeed very important, and needs to be taken seriously to preserve freedom, our most sacred of rights and duties.  Yes, they got it wrong not letting everyone vote. But we fought for and fixed those mistakes.

So perhaps we start taking this whole voting thing seriously. Yes, that means voter ID. You need an ID to do almost anything in this country, and they are easily obtained. So why not for voting? No voter ID is a straw man argument because most people have an ID already out of necessity. If IDs aren’t easy to come by with accurate records to prove you are you there’s only one entity to blame. That’s right, the government.

t’s an easy fix for both IDs and voting security. Let’s keep government offices open 7am until 7pm year around so that people can their IDs. For September and October, let’s keep those offices open even later to assure anyone who wants to register vote can be registered. And let’s make Election Day a national holiday. This can all be paid for by eliminating all the monies put into early voting and all that entails. Absentee ballots should be for military and government personnel overseas and true shut-ins and should be a month before the election and very closely monitored to assure their votes count. I’d finally eliminate all voting machines and go back to boxes to check or ovals to color in with hand counting per precinct–equally staffed by all major parties, some damned independents and 50 names picked randomly out of the local phone books—and I’d pay them well for their time. Just get your counts in within 10 days and we’ll let the people know who won.

The best part is I think this would eliminate the networks and the pundits and many of the polls that we endure for a year in advance of the election.

  And hopefully, it will get us some quality, public servants running for office instead of the laughing stocks we have now.