Web site offers venue for business and customer interaction

A new social media Web site offers a venue at which Grand Valley businesses and residents can interact.

The new site, located at www.BuzzTown.com, features not only business listings, but also reviews, articles, photographs, video and a variety of other content.

“We always want more content. Everyone in the community is welcome to contribute. Use BuzzTown.com as your tool for sharing everything in your life, from your favorite place to get burritos to your child’s soccer game and everything in between,” said Leigh Ashman, regional manager of BuzzTown.com.

Businesses receive free listings on the Web site, but also have the opportunity to upgrade to use additional marketing tools available through the site. Businesses can share information about their operations through articles, photos and videos as well as respond to reviews, offer deals and track traffic to their pages, Ashman said.

“Using the BuzzTown.com site is simple and quick. But if you have any questions, you’re welcome to give us a call. We’re here to help,” she added.

BuzzTown.com has opened offices on Main Street in downtown Grand Junction and employs five people.

“We’re opening a storefront on Main Street because we want users to know we live here, we know what life is like in the Grand Valley and if you want to talk to us, we’re right here,” Ashman said.

Founded in Durango in 2009, BuzzTown.com now operates a total of five locations in Colorado and New Mexico.

For more information about BuzzTown.com in the Grand Valley, contact Ashman by telephone at 260-7002 or e-mail at leigh@buzztown.com or log on to the Web site itself.