We’re on the Trump train now

Sid Squirrell
Sid Squirrell

There are three things upon which I believe most of us can agree about the presidential election: We’re glad it’s finally over. We’re surprised Donald Trump won. Things are going to be different going forward. 

I know we won’t agree on whether or not a Trump presidency means a good or bad difference. But since he’s our new president, we should hope he’s successful. If he’s successful, we’re all winners. If he’s not, we all lose.

Trump winning the election is a big deal since the House, Senate and presidency all will be under the control of the same party. Trump will nominate at least one Supreme Court justice right away and possibly one or two more, especially if he’s elected for a second term. Things will hopefully be a lot different in Washington without the gridlock of the past. Let’s face it: Trump makes deals and builds things. And it’s not easy to get things built these days, especially in New York City.

Trump promises to cut taxes for the middle class, spend tax dollars on infrastructure instead of spending billions on bombs and missiles abroad and make foreign governments pay their fair share to defend the world from terrorism and other atrocities. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see this money spent in Grand Junction and get something at the end of the day —  like new bike paths, bridges, roads and schools. I believe this will create millions of jobs, increase the tax base to pay for these programs, reduce the deficit and improve the quality of life here in our county. I would say we all could agree on that, too. 

Trump promises to roll back government regulations strangling this country and, more specifically, such oil and gas  regions as Western Colorado. In my humble opinion, the pendulum has swung way too far, and a little adjustment back toward the center is needed. There are plenty of regulations in place governing the oil and gas industry. We don’t need any more that would restrict the production of our own energy resources, increase our dependency on foreign oil and destroy jobs here in the United States. Moreover, building the infrastructure needed to export natural gas, such as pipelines and export terminals on the West Coast, would create thousands more jobs and income.

Interest rates are going to go up. But now we have Trump to blame for it, which gives the Feds a scapegoat. Inflation will increase as well and be blamed on Trump, but he doesn’t mind. I think both interest rates and inflation need adjusting to get back in line.

We’re on the Trump Train now, and we might as well make the best of it for all of our collective best interests. We need to keep in mind how brilliant our forefathers were and what an amazing job they did to structure our constitution so our country can evolve. No one person can knock it off its tracks.