After the pandemic, what’s next?

What will happen after the coronavirus pandemic subsides? A Roaring Twenties repeat or post-World War II recession? Both eras followed extreme events in United States history with very different outcomes.  The Spanish flu that killed millions was followed by an expansion during the Roaring Twenties — until October 1929, when a stock market crash heralded […]

How long will the expansion last?

How long will it last? I’m talking, of course, about the economic expansion. And it’s a question that’s been asked a lot these days, especially around those who’ve lived through downturns. I’m constantly amazed that when times are bad, most people can’t envision circumstances ever turning good. But when times are good, most can’t see […]

We’re on the Trump train now

There are three things upon which I believe most of us can agree about the presidential election: We’re glad it’s finally over. We’re surprised Donald Trump won. Things are going to be different going forward.  I know we won’t agree on whether or not a Trump presidency means a good or bad difference. But since […]

With commercial leases, nothing’s typical

When it comes to commercial real estate leases, there’s no such thing as a typical lease. In fact, the Colorado Real Estate Commission hasn’t even attempted to define such a beast. So what are entrepreneurs to do in negotiating leases for their new businesses? For starters, I’d suggest finding a good broker to represent their […]