West Slope firm announces powder coating breakthrough

A Montrose company has announced a breakthrough in a process to powder coat plastics, composites and other nonmetallic surfaces.

InnoVoc Solutions, a division of Gordon Composites, has developed a surface treatment that makes nonmetallic surfaces temporarily conductive, but emits no volatile organic compounds or other hazardous byproducts.

Kevin Stay, president and general manager of Gordon Composites, said the licensed technology makes it easy and inexpensive to powder coat nonmetallic surfaces.

“Before the development of this technology, powder coating nonmetallic surfaces was possible, but the process had manufacturing, cost and environmental limitations that restricted their use. The InnoVoc Solutions process is easy to use, cost-competitive and contains no hazardous chemicals that will off gas or vaporize.”

The technology offers a variety of advantages, including a more durable finish; low-cost processing for automated and batch booth quantities; and the ability to powder coat nonmetallic components used adjacent to metal components, such as appliance handles and automotive parts.

InnoVoc Solutions developed the process to powder coat the high-performance composite limbs used on archery bows. Gordon Composites is a leading supplier of composite materials to the archery industry.

“Powder-coated bow limbs perform very well and, in fact, the coating bonds so tenaciously with the composite substrate that it significantly improves the long-term fatigue performance of the limbs,” Stay said.

For more information about InnoVoc Solutions, visit the Web site at www.InnoVoc Solutions.com. For more information about Gordon Composites, log on to www.gordoncomposites.com.