When all else fails … just make something up

I’m convinced that needs to be Facebook’s new tagline. Although other insulting little ditties might work as well, such as:

Call the person a racist.

Call the person stupid.

Call the person a bigot.

Project onto the person things you’re doing at that very moment.

Or, like I said, just make up something out of whole cloth. And yes, I used the term insulting instead of debating, because when someone does any of the aforementioned actions, the term “debate” no longer applies. The very mention of the above items removes any opportunity for debate, and that’s exactly the intention of the one doing the insulting.

The fact is, these kinds of folks don’t want a debate or discussion of the facts. And using the above attack methods assures the user they won’t have to deal with pesky things like facts, results of actions or personal responsibility issues. It allows for no response from those of us on the receiving end because when we do respond, we simply get in return another insult, a projection made upon us from some other source (perhaps even the insulter themselves, as I find is often the case) or the person on the other side will just make something up once again. That leaves a very satisfied, albeit insulting, person on one side of a Facebook posting with a very hollow victory, indeed. I guess that must be one step above being proven wrong, but then again, I’m a bigot, just ask this guy:

“Craig, I removed it because what I pay my employees has a direct effect on my business and my employees. I don’t claim anything that isn’t true other than between you and your wife freaking out because people have the RIGHT to protest anything and just about anywhere they like. As is afforded, you to have free speech (wrongly informed) but it is your opinion. I can debate economics with you if you would like, but sir you wouldn’t be able to have an adult conversation without being negative or bigoted. I fully understand the safety of your employees. But because your political stance outweighs common sense, you go off half cocked. When you fully understand why America is in the situation we are in, come back and have an adult conversation.”

Who can argue with that? He might as well just have asked, “At what point did you stop molesting children, Craig?”

It would have the same result. This, by the way, was a back and forth about the Occupy Grand Junction people and their intentions at Mesa Mall on Black Friday on a KKCO thread. And while I did tell KKCO to go film them breaking the law — based on them breaking the law with their last occupy “event” at the county courthouse — my prediction proved correct as they tried to gather at Herberger’s entrances instead of the area where the mall allowed them to gather (part of their leader’s call to get more active on Facebook that very night). That would then have our dear occupiers trespassing — which, as I recall, is against the law. Darn those pesky facts.

There was more where that came from, mostly with people calling me an idiot and projecting things I never said —all with the requisite “likes” from the few who took time out of their Thanksgiving night to not have a debate.

Perhaps I should add one more tagline for Facebook, and that would be: Well, George Bush did it too. This is the get out of jail free card for Facebook debaters. Like this guy who was responding to my post about how the current administration’s policies are making a bad situation exponentially worse: “Uhm, didn’t Obama inherit all those so called ‘failures?’

He also projected: “As long as you are ready to go that route, then just fire every president that follows and hold responsible the ones that have gone before! Let’s have a good ole lynching while we’re at it …”

Now I could call these folks Einsteins, but that would an insult. Especially to Einstein. And I don’t see a need to take a page out of their playbook. I also make the decision that these kinds of people don’t deserve a seat at the grownups table. To paraphrase our current president, get in the back and be quiet because “your” kind of thinking and programs put the car in the ditch. And the president is correct (see, I can agree with Obama) — he and the folks who think and do like him in Washington are indeed the ones who’ve driven the car to its ultimate destination. I’ll disagree on the ditch reference, however, and replace it with speeding toward the rim of the Grand Canyon. Might be a nice flight for a minute, but the landing will suck.

And while the thought of a “good ole lynching” does indeed appeal to my macabre side, I’m really only asking one thing. Let’s get back to the rule of law based on our God-given rights and back in line with the Constitution and the limitations it puts on our government.

Because based on that, it’s a rather pleasant ride and everyone has their own chance to drive!