When it comes to being at risk, big government riskiest bet of all

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

I’m sure this column will come off as me complaining with no solutions. But then again, no one really asks me what I’d do in most situations. I can only surmise that’s because my answers don’t involve more federal government intervention, especially since that’s the only place we’re allowed to go for solutions anymore.

If I was one of those victims the government and politicos prefer to trot out as beyond reproach, I’d have a solid case with the events that occurred in Fruita at the 8/9 School and Fruita Monument High School. You see, my oldest daughter attends the high school, and she was in the middle of the chaos. And if I wanted to be like so many who’ve been posting on social media, I’d simply tell you how to think and not allow anything else to be said. But that’s not how I roll. Quite frankly, I think the school district and local law enforcement should have open hearings and allow any question from any one to be asked, no matter how off-the-wall or outlandish anyone thinks those questions might be. And yes, I have more than a few myself.

While we should keep an open mind to all of those questions, I can tell all of you one answer with absolute certainty: The answer will never come from the federal government. Which is exactly why we have all the posturing in Washington, D.C. They want you to come to them with any problem they can solve with a new law.

The federal government is only good at a few things; among them growing in power, taking away rights, creating criminals via laws and regulations and confiscating some people’s money to give it others. The fact our founders could predict exactly these things occurring is why the Constitution limits the power of the federal government. And a disarmed public would certainly assist in growing an unconstitutional government.

So let’s have a closer look at just how the government helps those “at risk.”

I can’t think of a human life more at risk than an unborn child. Yet the only federal law we have is one that allows that child to be killed at any time up to birth. How does this help unborn babies?

Our senior citizens are at risk. The federal government places more and more of the unfunded mandates of Medicare on cash-strapped states so that medical payments continue to be reduced for procedures and doctor and hospital visits, straining the system and decreasing availability of services for seniors. The feds have stolen (well, not by the letter of the law since it’s a slush fund via taxation) every penny in our Social Security Trust Fund to buy votes and put their names on monuments. How does any of this benefit at-risk seniors?

Our families are certainly at risk. The federal government passes laws that hurt families, if not destroy them outright. The Great Society’s greatest success was to take out of wedlock births to new heights, and study after study shows how detrimental to society that is. Obamacare has pushed up health care costs to the point a family can’t afford insurance any longer while adding high deductibles and creating an ever-shrinking market. But if you don’t buy into this system, you’re breaking the law. Families can no longer institutionalize real “at risk” family members into a mental health system due to federal law that says it can’t be done without that person’s permission—something that speaks to the heart of the Florida carnage. Places like Chicago and Washington, D.C., that have the strictest gun laws are the killing fields of our nation. How are our families not suffering?

So please do me a favor. Stop asking President Trump, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi to solve this gun problem. The fact is — and has been proven time and again — the feds don’t have an answer save one: the Second Amendment. Which says it’s not their job.

Here’s my point. After Las Vegas, I was shocked to hear bump stocks hadn’t been made illegal. Then again, I’m no expert on bump stocks. But I did learn one thing: It would be a waste of a law since basically anyone can build one in their garage or shop. You might be shocked to learn the NRA has no problem making bump stocks illegal. Yet, the feds couldn’t pass that in a law.

So let’s talk about how at risk our school children are. Let’s not wait for the feds to pass a law that solves everything, especially since we know they can’t. The only way to remove “at risk” is to reduce the risk. That means closed campuses. Locked doors. Limited access. Armed security to meet any threat. These things take local commitment. Perhaps our local authorities could take a few million out of their building budgets, special crony payments and pet projects to do just that. Parents, students and the public will approve and thank you.

Because the only time that will seem longer than a local response to an active shooter situation is the federal response, which in nearly 40 years has never come.