While you’re thinking about it, ignore what others think of you

Craig Hall

There’s so much going on I’m at a point where I don’t want to write this column. Then again, I’ve had a hard time writing the past several columns. It’s not because of what I see happening in the world. That’s easy. So many bad actors, so little space.

It’s because  of what I think of them. That’s where we are. Many places in the United States are run by people who don’t really care what you do — the recent rioting and people going free after destroying property and lives, if not indeed taking lives — but how one should be made to think.

Let’s start with the obvious: COVID-19. Everyone could see the reports from China were ominous. Yet, what were we told to think by our “experts” like Dr. Anthony Fauci and the World Health Organization as the virus progressed — which is what a virus does, no matter what we do — around the globe? We were told it can’t pass human to human and wasn’t a threat to the United States. Yet, within a coupe of months, President Donald Trump had been made to think 2 MILLION or more Americans could die if he didn’t shut the country down to slow the spread and prevent our health care systems from being overrun.

And here we are today. Six months into a web of lies, mistakes, inaccuracies and freedom lost all because our leaders told us to think one way one day and then 180 degrees opposite the next. Go ahead. Ask a few people what they know about COVID, and I’ll guarantee they’ll share completely different viewpoints.

But the common denominator is it’s really bad and we must listen to experts and government. Yes, even my many freedom-loving conservative friends add this caveat. Me? I think it’s no worse than the every two year virus from China with which we deal. Except this time China destroyed our economy with the willing help of our leaders, including Trump. And we’re still shut down.

How about the riots? It’s plain to see what’s happening to lives and property there, isn’t it? There’s no mistaking when our cities are on fire, citizens are hurting and killing other citizens and the government in many areas is so castrated it can’t reset order and restore peace — to the point of backing the rioters in many cases.

Here we are in the United States with an insurrection in Seattle where a certain element that abhors guns, borders and enslavement zones off an “autonomous” area of the city using armed guards and holds the citizens who live there hostage as their property. Worse yet, Seattle’s mayor calls it the “summer of love” and the governor had no idea what was even going on several days into the mess. What are we being told to think? It’s because racism is systemic and this is the only way oppressed people can be heard.

First, if you think one human should enslave another, you need God. Because only God can change your heart to be rid of such hate. Second, if you have any friends who think it’s OK to enslave any human for any reason, you need new friends. Lastly, racism will only prosper by burning down businesses and destroying lives of those one side deems “systemic” enablers of racism. The world needs to be rid of all these atrocities.

Which brings us to our local brouhaha with Anna Stout, who decided it’s OK to break protocol at a recent Grand Junction City Council meeting — all because of how she thinks — and put her fellow council members in danger. From what I’ve seen and heard, we tend to see this incident based on what part of the story we prefer to read or the way we understand it based on how we think.

I have no idea why our elected betters feel the need to have a declaration of this or that every time a group thinks this or that. And they all do it — our county commissioners being the worst. If I see one more declaration of “this special week” or “that special day” — especially socially distanced for the photo op — I’m gonna start thinking this is pandering at its lowest level. Actually, I already do.

Which brings us back to the declaration from city council. Obviously, some on council decided reading a declaration on racism was needed and just as obviously, Ms. Stout saw an opportunity. What do I think? Simple. Racism and bigotry are wrong in all forms at any level. Now one should think I don’t need a proclamation from someone elected to allow me those thoughts. Then again, I also wouldn’t have the pills to “ask a few members” of a group to join the meeting outside of protocol knowing nearly 100 or so would show up — all while alerting law enforcement there could be some problems — and not expect problems.

Yet, here we are with council members being conciliatory and explaining away their new thinking. Making this planned incident not about the intimidating actions of the few, but rather the thinking of many.

I see all of the above as a danger to anyone who chooses freedom and thinking for themselves.