Why does all government seem to always mean all right?

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

As my time on this planet continues, one thing that consistently amazes me is how the people of this country seem to more and more believe government is the answer to everything that ails us as a nation, or worse yet, for all of our individual grievances. I can’t name one “comprehensive” solution the government has come up with that’s worked as intended. Can you? So why do you think they keep using the word comprehensive for their solutions, unless it is referring to failure?

And now as a country we’re on to the next metamorphosis of this syndrome. Some believe we have one person, our president, qualified to make every decision concerning everything and every problem facing the nation, us personally or for the planet. What makes this worse is we have a man occupying that office who believes himself to be the be-all, end-all for those same answers.

We have real problems as a nation. As I type this, in Washington our selected elected are arguing over immigration, health care, the XL Pipeline and myriad other problems they have proven over and over again the government doesn’t have the answers to. Of course, to me the answer is simple. If we could only get the government out of these things and relegated to its constitutional role, we wouldn’t have any of these problems. Just remember, once the government or our all-knowing president takes action to “comprehensively solve” any issue, it exacerbates its single biggest problem: overspending.

Let’s look at a few issues our government has allegedly “solved:”

n Social Security. FDR convinced the American people that this Ponzi scheme was designed to take care of people’s incomes for their retirement years. The law was the written so that politicians could use the tax money any way they chose. So politicians do what they do and spend every penny and more. Look at it this way. If you owned a business and “borrowed” all of the funds from the pension plan with no intention of paying it back, where would you be right now? My solution? Let us keep and invest our money where the government can’t get its grubby paws on it.

n Medicare, Medicaid and the war on poverty. What’s better than a Ponzi scheme? How about one where you tug on people’s heart strings under the guise of government charity? Trillions upon trillions of dollars later, these programs are doing the opposite of what was intended — they keep growing. Better yet, the more they grow, the more the government puts the onus on states to pay for them so the feds can overspend even more. You do know this is where a lot of the Obamacare accounting tricks are hidden, in the states paying more and more of the Medicare and Medicaid bills, right? As for poverty, we have just as many folks in poverty today as when this whole thing began. And just who determines that? Yup, the government. They want people in poverty, there’s a lot of tax money in it. My solution? Any and all “safety net” programs should be locally based and done co-operatively in their communities. The Feds have no idea what our community needs and spend money based on politics. Plus, the money that comes back is worth half as much as when we sent it in.

n Obamacare. This program has one goal: single payer. But it isn’t the single payer the government is telling you about. Too many have bought into the fact that the government wants to help people. Nothing can be further from the truth. Unless you mean the government will show us examples of people being taken care of to perpetuate the lie. This is simple. The minute you make health care a budget item, rationing must occur. Secondly, this is about diverting $4 trillion dollars being spent in our economy into government coffers instead. Just look at how poorly the government spends its share of this pie already with Medicare, Medicaid and the VA. And people want them in charge of the whole thing? My solution? Government has no role in the private business decisions of citizens and insurance falls under this. Without government, we’d have portability, lower rates, more choices and better coverage based on consumer needs, not government dictate.

n Immigration. Round number what now on “comprehensive reform?” Can anyone please find me one immigration law we’re enforcing at the federal level today? We’ve done this now under Reagan, Bush and about to under Obama. One thing government has proven is it can’t solve the problem. Hell, we can’t even build a fence. My solution? Seems to me that whole Ellis Island thing worked pretty well. So why not register who’s coming, check them out and figure out a way to let them stay if they want to become Americans?

Now, I don’t perceive myself to be Obamalike with every solution. The fact is, Obama isn’t even Obamalike no matter what his mind tells him. That’s why my answers aren’t dictates, but rather logic based on wisdom gathered over the years. And that’s why Obama and Washington need dictates.

Because they’re usually wrong.