Why pulling out a pen could be better than pulling a lever

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

I don’t really have an answer as to who should be president — other than someone who will champion individual, inalienable, God-given rights and protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. And I haven’t seen anyone like that thus far. Given our choices, I don’t blame anyone for sitting this one out or voting for whomever they believe to be best suited for the job, because the nominees sure aren’t. I also don’t know if there’s enough ink in the barrel to write in someone constitutional.

The front-runners seem to have little to offer besides blame, division and anger in this country as their primary reason to become president. They certainly can’t cite “qualifications.” They just go about getting your goo-goo eyed fawning and cheering and worship and adoring (who does that at rallies, seriously?) in different ways. We’ve arrived at a point where as long as candidate does as we wish — whether in policy or punishment or handouts — who and what they are no longer matters.

By the way, the president’s job isn’t to do what you want or what they want or what anyone wants. The president’s job is to ensure you can do what you want under the rule of law. Given that, there’s no real reason to vote any of the three still running.

So let’s start with Hillary Clinton, the so-called champion of women’s rights whose husband is a serial sex offender and who destroyed other women because of his criminal behavior, all in the name of saving her political legacy. That alone should be enough to never vote for Hillary. If not, then what about how she wants to champion for the little guy while making speeches in $12,000 Armani jackets, somehow buying multi-million dollar homes (to carpetbag a senate seat) while being dead broke or perhaps overseeing the hundreds of millions of dollars in her family’s private slush fund called the Clinton Foundation? She cares what the little guy thinks?

Still not enough? Then know that it’s illegal for her to hold office because she destroyed federal records and broke federal law doing so. One of the consequences of breaking that statute is that you can never be employed by the federal government. And spare me the whole “someone else did it” (which will be attempted soon, as falling on swords is what Clinton minions do). Beyond that, she really only has the woman card. Then again, I suppose all of those folks screaming sexism will have no trouble voting sexism if it’s for their gal.

How about everyone’s favorite socialist, Bernie Sanders? You know Bernie, the man rebranding a movement that has never worked and brought misery and death and destruction wherever it’s been tried? But now that we call it “Democratic Socialism” it’s somehow kinder and gentler? You’ll notice Bernie never moved to any of those countries that have his brand of socialism or any brand of socialism. Wonder why? That’s right, he’d be just another poor guy in those countries while he can build a career and even run for president in this country.

Bernie has been largely ignored in the Senate because he had no power. But in today’s political environment, Bernie has glommed on to a “movement” that everyone who has ever been treated unfairly in their minds can jump on to: The thought that one man can make everyone equal — except for that man, his cronies, his socialist friends, the Politbureau, the bureaucracy and those with the means and money to stay connected. Sound equal to you? Remember, just a few years ago, Venezuela was the model for Democratic Socialism. Now it’s only working out for its benevolent dictator, those in government and the military, while the people starve. It’s happened everywhere else and it will happen here if Bernie wins and faster than you could ever believe. For the record, we are a Constitutional Republic, not a socialist dictatorship, so there’s that, too.

And speaking of dictator wannabes, there’s Donald Trump, possibly the least presidential man to ever run for the office outside of Ted Kennedy. He’s an arrogant, lying, narcissistic, bully who has kidnapped the anger wing of the so-called Republican Party and turned them into sycophants. Yeah, I, too wish to make America great again, but not “The Donald’s” great. My great, your great, and everyone’s great while respecting the inalienable rights in others are fine by me. But Donald has no intention of that. Think not? Try disagreeing with him and see how that works.

I keep hearing these two reasons over and over as to why to vote for Trump. First is that he’s a businessman and government needs to be run like a business. Our government is a business like the Mafia is a business. It should fall under RICO statutes. I don’t want Don Don making me an offer I can’t refuse. It’s bad enough with the federal government as it is. And second, that not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary. Hey radical Republicans, you gave me this guy as your nominee. Not voting for him is my right if I choose. The loss, if it happens, is on you for putting up this quality of a candidate. Then again, these two non-reasons aside, I just don’t want a giant ass as my president.

Then again, all three seem to have that to varying degrees.